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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



Alongside the ESL Pro League weapons, we've got loads of exciting content for Halloween!


There's 6 new Orgelboxes waiting for you:

  • AK-103 Pro League 2015
  • AWP Pro League 2015
  • CheyTac M200 Pro League 2015
  • ACR Haunted
  • Dagger
  • Aug A3 Trooper

On top of this, the Orgelboxes from the first season of the ESL Pro League had returned to the capsule market:

  • HK417 Pro League 2015
  • CZ 700 Pro League 2015
  • FAMAS Pro League 2015
  • K2 Pro League 2015
  • G36C Pro League 2015

Each capsule that you purchase in a Pro League 2015 Orgelbox – no matter if its the AK-103, AWP, CheyTac M200, HK417, G36C, FAMAS, CZ700 or the K2 – contributes €0.10 to the prize pot of the second season of the ESL Pro League. For the first time, Orgelboxes now also contain Wall Sprays, with which you can now spray the ESL Pro League team logos on the walls whilst playing. This way you can show everyone who your favourite team is and who you think is going to win!

The Pro League 2015 Orgelboxes will only be available in the shop for a limited time. Grab them while you can! The current prize pot status can be viewed here.

Now with Lucky Points: Eagle Eye and Delta Scout

In addition to the boost on earned experience points and SP, the two mercenaries Eagle Eye and Delta Scout also now give you 15 Lucky Points.

Halloween Content

The ACR Haunted Orgelbox has plenty of Camo Sprays, masks and other items fitting for Halloween. They are especially useful for playing on the new VIP map, Haunted House. This map is available in Sniper mode and has a little secret hidden inside it. Reckon you can find it?

The ACR variant for SP will be made available to you in the shop after Halloween.

Even more maps for everyone

Welcome to the new VIP Map! It's called Provence and can be played in the Escape game mode. The Waterside Village map is as a result now no longer exclusive to VIPs, but available to all!

Changelog in the Forum

As always, you'll find all further details in the forum.

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